Data Centres

IBM Warwick CSA Data Halls

Conversion of a 250 seat office space into a 'state of the art' Tier 3 Data Centre. Hot and cold aisle air conditioning was installed as well as static transfer switches. Large DRUPS power distribution units and flexible lighting and BMS controls were also provided. Close attention was paid throughout to avoid single points of failure and to thoroughly test all systems before going live.

Langstone Technology Park, Havant, Jobsite Data Centre

Fit out of new data centre space in existing facility for bespoke client including new cold aisle containment air conditioning, PDU's, UPS and fire suppression systems.

2E2 Standby Power Supplies, Guernsey

To enhance the resilience of their existing data centre, new generators, UPS, raw mains switchgear and input/output switchgear were provided, enabling the client to host an 'off shore' gaming site.

Media Centre, Chalfont, Generator Paralleling

Installation of a new generator switchboard fitted with automatic synchronising controls to enable the clients existing 2MVA generators to operate in parallel with one another, thus increasing the site resilience.