Our Services

ION Energy

As part of the global drive for a low carbon economy, ION Energy provides specialist design services for the integration of energy saving measures in all types of buildings.

Typical clients include; developers, end users, local authorities, hospitals and prestigious private home owners who all share a common goal in reducing the carbon impact of their buildings.

A full design and project management service is offered from planning, feasibility, detailed design, contract administration and witness testing, to final commissioning.

Systems/services include:

  • Part L2A DSM Modelling
  • Part L2B Consequential Works Analysis
  • Combined Heat and Power
  • Renewables Option Analysis
  • Planning Permission Energy Statements
  • SAPS Calculations
  • Detailed Design and Project Management
  • Metering Strategies
  • Energy Log Books
  • EPC's and DEC's
  • Air Conditioning Inspections
  • Energy Audits
  • BREEAM Assessments

ION are proud of their past portfolio of projects where they have been instrumental in finding cost effective solutions in today's energy conscious world.

Since 2005 the company has heavily invested in software and training for carbon modelling of buildings. This has enabled the practice to take a lead role at the concept design stage of projects in order to reduce building carbon emissions, as well as meeting the requirements of the Building Regulations and Planners. ION takes a pragmatic and commercial view with regards to 'green and sustainable' engineering and aim to achieve the best solution for the client's particular circumstances at all times.